Posted by: Kush Soni | September 16, 2008

Somehow! Somewhere! But every time!!

Must be wondering why I come up with these types of title. Even I also…J

I do not know if this post goes to a community, class, family or a single person of this world. I m just writing what I felt.

Somehow: its not intentionally sometime but happens somehow, this is not happening everywhere but believe me happening at least somewhere, and if it happen once den it happens every time…. [Got confused] me too…. 🙂

People out there, who are reading this blog post might scold me after reading this flawless, clueless, meaningless story but still I would say please read it till the end at least once.

Though I am using ‘I’ in this blog post but this is something which is very common among everyone now a days. Just looked back in my past and tried to gather some instances by which I can prove that today’s situation, person became different than past. Believe me or not I found countless incidents and wondering over. I noticed that someone who was very caring in the past, has turned careless. I used to be right & wrong but now I am wrong only. I used to be responsible and now I m irresponsible. I realized and agreed that value for money has been increasing day by say; but this much…??????????

Think boss…what you can do with money … you can spend money to be healthy but believe me you cannot buy your life. Someone who gave, giving & will give you their entire money, life, care and everything getting nothing in return.

You must be feeling that you are doing everything, but sit once and think twice you will come to know what you are doing. Boss!! Life is not an easy game at all.

Once I read somewhere that “Man is a social animal” and I laughed out loudly but now I come to know what does it signifies.

So believe me you cannot live without someone in your life and someone cannot live without you. You can ignore yourself but you shouldn’t ignore the other who cannot live without you.

Hope you will understand.




Posted by: Kush Soni | June 27, 2008

Past or Future—– ?????

You must be wondering why I choose this title but sometime life just got struck between these two situation only one side you can see past and on another you can see future only, you completely forgot your present in between; you are living isn’t?

Today, I am in that situation only; wanna see my past only cause the present is really a bad situation… n also on the basis of my past I tried to predict future and you people won’t believe that I have already predicted the same in past with someone ( you know)…. though the things got settled for sometime but again the time and some ( people) playing game with me or rather I would say with us.

I never wish that things go in this way but God ( I hate him) doing this. I cannot believe on what is happening ….  situation are like…. I suddenly got up in the night and found that noone is with me….. all things are gone… more to say…. I found myself in deep darkness.. .the people who were always with me… who spent valuable time…. the time in which we were alone … the time of joyness… the time of sadness and you can say we were same….our views were same…suddenly differences come and has changed the perception, views, decision and all… “really hurts”…. -(

Have you ever think why it is happening… might be no, cause this thought comes in mind when you go thru with these kinda of situation … untill or unless you don’t face prob you won’t believe in that.

Sometime a new member entry in your family could be the reason of your happiness and sometime it could lead to the worse situation, don’t know exactly why it happens…but something like… ego, money, fame, rights and many other but all are in negative way. Might be you won’t agree with me but still this is true.

Let me tell you one thing that if you are expecting something from someone in the past and he agreed upon the same it is not advicable or not expectable from the same person in future…….. might me due to some reason you yourself feel that your expectation was really worthless… might be you feel that this should not be happen…might be you think that this was entirely wrong expectation…..might be you think that the person was wrong from whom you were expecting and many more thoughts can damage yourself.

I would say ….don’t ever think for anything from anymore …whosoever the person is…. Just enjoy your day and your night cause one day you will be all alone and noone would come to you for anything……… Just believe that God send you alone and he will call you alone……..

Love you……….(–my role model–)

Posted by: Kush Soni | September 8, 2007

About India/Internet/Kush & his life

Till today I have written about what I have done and all but till today I haven’t writeen what I achieve in my life, now what I am doing after completing my studies and all… so today I thought why not I introduce my professional life with you all, even the visitors to this Blog are very less but in future they will increase as the trend of Internet, Blog, Searches are on the move.

This post goes to me but indirectly it will tell you what is the status of India and what will be the future of Indian Internet services.


I guess many of us don’t know even how to operate Computer and Internet is unknown word to most of the people, but as it simplifies many process, m sure in near future it will become the product of basic needs like food, shelter etc……


We, people in India still thinking that buying a product or avail a service from local & known person is good but, here I would like to tell you that now it is a myth we are moving towards retails chain outlets from “nukkad wali Kiryana store”  we have accepted the fact that they are much cheaper and provide you the good quality to in comparison to these kiryana store isn’t?

I am a SEO professional, now you people will think what is this, what the hell m talking about? So for you all in a layman language I would like to describe something about the SEO. Please click here and come to know what is SEO all about…..


Posted by: Kush Soni | August 29, 2007

Thank you Baby :)

Thank you baby……………….:)

Well this time really someone made me feel too happy in my life……….it was really a great thing …..Thank you doll…..really like the way u treat me. 🙂



You know sometime, someone gives you that much importance which you never expect from her or him…..same happened with me.. from whom I expect all the things might be she or he never gave me this but from whom I never expect this much she/he gave me….really it was a sweet shock for me today.



I am too happy at one side but got little bit sad too on the other, why …..? It is because from whom I expecting the some feedback he/she ignored it and I left alone with no choice 😦


I writing  this post just to realize that person that you really shocked me with your greatness….. In the end I can only say a big………



Thanks….. 🙂 God Bless you Baby….

Posted by: Kush Soni | August 25, 2007

Why this…..?

Have you ever gone through the day, when since the morning till night you fought with someone…… this situation includes either you scolded by someone or you scolded someone?

Many times I think why I am like this when I cannot give happiness to anyone then why I gave him/her sorrow? People always seek and like the person who gives them support whenever they need it but why a person always got the least % of support at that particular time?

I, personally always try to control myself and trying to cage myself whenever I feel bad so that the others person should not be feel that he or she is not with me but suddenly I feel that the other person from whom I want to hide this he or she will ask for sure and as per the relationship and the bond between us will never allow me to hide anything then…….?

Running away from the situation is the best solution to any problem…. Even I personally feel not but me on this path I always try to keep myself away from this but still I have to face everything after a day or next.

Yesterday night, I was feeling low, I tried to keep myself busy but still the things were following me and the person whom (I guess) I care the most was in a bad mood 😦 I really got what I don’t want.

I noticed from my experience is that, “you can try but you can’t do anything” it is the destiny which will complete itself in any condition. So if a person is happy with you or not its not you its your destiny.

You always use the way what you like and feel good for yourself and for person related to you (exception are there) but still sometime you will not get success

Posted by: Kush Soni | August 15, 2007

Customer is the king………….?

I heard that “Customer is the king” but is this true?


I want to sahre my personal experience on this special ocassion of Independence day…

I felt that now customer is no more a king in the market… do you agree or not?

For both the openions please comment.

Few days back i went for shopping and what i found that now shopping is not so simple

as it was in the past, earliar shopkeepers were waiting for the customers,

but now customer choose the products and even he/she have to stand  in the queue not for the products but for payment.

 Have you ever think for what what we have to be in queue….

I know rathter thinking on these small things you have many others option to think over,

 but still !!!! I am thinking:)

whenever we think for vacation

(I think this is the best example) our mind got struck with the problem of queues….

 before going to vacation we have to reserve our seat in train/plain/bus or whatever medium you would choose.

Then after reaching the desitnation hotel queue, temple queue, monuments queue,

queue for sight seeing and many other things.


Don’t we face this?


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